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How to fix sticky SNS Gel Caps

If you are in the nail business, you know the struggle of opening a polish/lacquer bottle smoothly. Most of the time it works perfectly fine however sometimes the brush falls out off the cap and stucks in the bottle body. You tried to lock the cap and re-opened again and again, yet the brush was still not in its right place. Alright, it is one of the most annoying thing ever, at least for me personally. I have found a trick to easily fix this problem.

All you need for this is a pen that can be easily taken out its bottom part and is going to fit into the cap (which I believe almost every pen is). Now, it's the real business:

  • Firstly, you take out the brush that gets stuck in the bottle body and gently put it back to the bottle cap (Picture 1)

  • Now with the pen that was already taken out its bottom part, you fit it into the cap and then push it hard for those two parts stick together (Picture 2)

  • Finally, you try to lock the cap and unlock it again. If you pushed the pen hard enough, chances are when you open the bottle again, it will work fine.

Just a very simple 3-step but I hope you find it useful and apply it succesfully :)

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