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How to look after your acrylic brush

On this article, we will show  you how to look after your Acrylic Brush which is the most important tool for you to do Acrylic nails. The best brush will result great finish.

1. How to choose best Acrylic brush among thousans on the market?

Firstly, you need to know what size will suit you the best? In my opinion as a supplier for 5 years, I can see that most European nail technician will prefer small size such as size 8 - 12. And Vietnamase or Asian nail technicians are pasionate about big brush size expecially size 18. Some others choose size 22.

Secondly, you will have to look for very good real kolinsky hair brush rather than counterfeit hair. Also, you can test the brush by trying to pull hair out, if you can't pull the hair out that is great brush.

2. Take care of the brush before use by dip the brush into cuticle oil for 2 days then lift it out to clamp its metal part to your desire shape. Then dry the cuticle oil with hand towel. Dip the brush to acrylic liquid to clean up cuticle oil then use hand to shape the hair. 

3. Clean the hair with acrylic liquid or best to clean with brush cleaner liquid and dry with hand towel everytime when done using the brush. Making sure there is no acrylic powder  left over on the brush's hairs. A good tip is to leave a bit of acrylic liquid on the hair for them to stay in shape.