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Take care of your nail lacquer bottles can never be this easy!

Today is another blog in a series of expert tips and advice for SNS Gels related topic. 

In the previous blog, we talk about the solution to fix sticky nail bottle caps. Although the proposed solution is super quick and easy to apply, it does cause some inconvenience to both nail technicians and customers. Given that, the saying 'Prevention is always better than a cure' is particularly true in our case. What better way to take care of all sort of nail bottles that can easily get sticky? This is what we recommend you to do (once again, simple yet effective).

Material needed for this solution is a small towel and some acetone. The idea is to clean up the area around the bottle cap every time once you finished using it (or at least at the end of every day if your shop is quite busy). Every time we open and use the bottle, there is always a tiny bit of the bottle content drop into the cap and area around it which if were left there day by day for a long time will cause the cap become sticky and real hard to open. Thus, a towel which is dipped with some acetone makes sure any chemical substance marks will be wiped off, leaving the bottle clean and protected. 


So from now on, you can apply this simple tip to save yourself from the struggle of opening a hard-as-rock nail bottle :)


Hope you find it useful. Watch out this space for more expert tips!

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