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Tips for saving Gel brush

We recently experienced some feedback from customers regarding the dry-out top coat bottle after using 1/3/ or 1/2 of the bottle. Also, others experienced some problems opening the gel bottle cap. To help you solve these aforementioned problems we would like to present some tips to you below:

1. Top coat bottle dry-out

- Cause: Sealer dry is not cleaned/wipe off properly, paint the top coat too slow, don't use brush saver and SNS thinner 

- Facts: If you let any consumption of sealer dry to the top coat bottle then it will be hardened. Then you might waste the whole bottle and even if you have thinner it won't help.

- Solution:

+ Please leave 2-3 mins with a mini fan after sealer dry step for it to dry. Let your customer wash and dry their hands. When she is back put 1 more coat of sealer dry then leave 2-3 min again - blow dry with a mini fan (Or you can skip this step of second sealer dry) then clean with hand towel paper. Paint very quickly 2 coats of top coat. Please make sure you don't spend too long on painting the top coat. When paint 1st top coat, you need to paint fast and not pressure too hard on the brush. 2nd top coat needs painting as normal.

+ You also can use brush saver to swap its brush with the top coat brush in case the top coat brush is too hard to paint. Before swapping please use hand towel to clean first

+ Use  few drops of SNS thinner to gel bottle if it is quite thick (base, top, gelous base) then shake well

+ Clean gel bottleneck with acetone and cloth after each use

2. Gel spilled on bottleneck which will cause the bottle cap glued on bottleneck

 Follow the steps below to remove a plastic anti-spill part. This step will make the bottleneck wider then easier for you to get gel out with its brush. And remember to  clean all bottleneck with acetone and cloth after use. In case the brush is too hard and the brush saver can not help. You can dip the brush to acetone overnight that will help the brush soften again. Remmember to clean the brush with hand towel before use.